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What If The Biggest Thing Getting In The Way Of  Sales For Your Business Is...


It’s time to...

Get out of your head.

Stop spinning your wheels.

Reframe your mindset around sales.

Is Sales Coaching Right For You?

Feel confident in your sales process knowing...

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You’re Not Wasting Time with Unqualified Prospects

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You’re Seen as a Strategic Partner

Group 22.png

You’re Comfortable Handling Objections

Group 25.png

How to Move Stalled Deals

Group 24.png

You Have a Follow-Up Process

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You Have a Relationship Management Strategy

When to Ask For the Sale!

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I made the right choice!

I've just began to learn about the mindset of sales with Kim and she's helped me keep focus and keep growing. She's also helped with some pain points in my sales approach and its been rewarding so far. Can't wait to see what the future holds.

Matt's Gresham

Best Year in Sales Over $500K

45% ROI Within Weeks

Generated Over $50K in Closing Stalled Deals

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 People LOVE to buy.
They just don’t want to be sold to.

Do you know the difference?

How long will your business survive if sales stay the same?

Whenever you look at your numbers at the end of the month, you’re disappointed. You keep telling yourself next month will be different, but as the weeks go by you don’t do anything different to generate more sales.

Are you tired of spending hours chasing prospects, only to be ghosted?

The biggest reason most prospects disappear is because most “prospects” are not qualified buyers.  Once you learn how to qualify these leads and determine if they are a “good fit” for your business, you’ll no longer waste time chasing the wrong people.

Do you secretly feel like you should be generating more sales for your business?

A lack of consistent cash flow for your business can be frustrating, overwhelming and is one of the biggest reasons so many start-ups "close their doors."


You can't just do one thing to create sales. Social media marketing is one strategy, but it's not the only answer.  There is more to selling than waiting on inbound leads.  

There is more to selling than outbound prospecting. Your sales strategy needs to have a holistic approach.   

Now, envision going to sleep every night, knowing you’ve done everything possible to grow your business.

How would that feel?

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Kim has truly been a business partner

I believe the best sales professionals never leave you feeling that you were just sold something. As a partner that knew both my business and hers, Kim always collaborated and strategized with our company for the best result and outcome.

Ken Sudnikovich


CoWorx Staffing Services

80+ Locations 

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This 12-week program with Kim will not only transform the way you THINK about sales but ultimately how you DO it! 

This is NOT another webinar.

This is NOT a cold calling course.

This is NOT a social media marketing class.

It’s an interactive, hands-on experience that will teach the mindset, techniques, and behaviors behind creating and maintaining an effective sales process.

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Kim gives you actionable guidance

Let me start by saying, I used to hate sales. I hated it because I was not confident in my ability to sell anything to anyone. Then I met Kim. I have a few direct private consultations with her. I left with a sense of purpose and the confidence to achieve specific tasks.

The 12-week training was awesome.

Pic of Robert Berry for testimonial .jpeg

Robert Berry

President That Audit Guy

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How is this course structured?

Unlock Your Sales Mindset is a 12-week program that works with a private group of small business owners in a safe space.  

Weekly meetings are conducted live in a virtual setting. The course is a mixture of videos, strategy sessions, roleplaying, and fun! 

Who is this course for?

It’s designed for Small Business Owners, Coaches, Solopreneurs, and Entrepreneurs with no sales background looking to learn the principles of selling and the right mindset for each stage of the sales process.

What is this course centered around?

A small number of individuals who are eager to learn how to change their mindset around sales, gain confidence in their sales approach, stop wasting time with unqualified prospects, and win more customers.

What will this course help accomplish?

Our sales coaching program is laser-focused on helping you achieve your goals quickly.

  • You will embrace the sales mindset of a strategic partner  

  • Remove limiting beliefs around sales and your ability to sell

  • Spend time with qualified prospects

  • Have a framework to overcome objections 

  • Maintain control of your sales process 

  • Have a shortened sales cycle 

  • Have the confidence to tell the world who you are and what you do! 

How is this course different?

This course is different because you work directly with Kim in a small group environment to develop your own sales process, from qualifying leads to crafting emails to running a discovery call, asking for the sale, and how to maintain your relationships. 


Here, we create a safe space to brainstorm ideas, roleplay, and hear other entrepreneurs' feedback on your delivery, tone, and overall message. 


You probably watch sales videos, read different books, follow people on social media, and pick up various tips. Yet, you have not been consistent in your approach. Nor found the results or confidence you hoped.


Here is the opportunity to change that!

pic of michael for testimonial .jpeg
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Unlock and embrace your sales.

Kim will help you gain the confidence you need to win in sales, so you can quickly build trust, leverage your value and easily close more sales while enjoying the ride.

Michael E. Bungo

Senior Director

Experiential Marketing

Global Business Solutions at Fiserv

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Why is Kim exactly who you need?

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Kim works with Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches who are experts in their field but uncomfortable in their sales process.

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Kim is a Certified Mindset Coach with almost two decades as a Director of Sales in the Human Capital Management space - studying skills and behaviors that correlate to success.

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As a Director of Sales she consulted with major organizations like Aerotek, HSN, O'Reilly Auto Parts, and Victoria's Secret.

During her entire sales career, Kim exceeded her quota by 100%-300%. 

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right (7) 1.png

As an adjunct professor, she taught undergraduates sales and trained numerous sales executives for years.

Eman new picture .jpeg
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I definitely recommend her!

Kim helped me clarify some techniques that I could implement to showcase my skills and close more deals. She also pointed out several positive thinking strategies to empower me to think in a different way, and therefore be able to sell myself more effectively.

Eman Abdou

CEO at Blunt Creative Inc.

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